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Started in 2006, 13 years of pyrazole production experience

Shandong Gaorui Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the historical capital of Qi State, a famous petrochemical city - Linyi, located in Nanshan Industrial Park, Qilu Chemical Industry Park. The company was established in October 2006 with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. It is a domestic manufacturer of pyrazole series, with an annual output of 1,000 tons. The products are mainly exported to Central Asia, Japan and South Korea, and some are used for domestic demand.

Pyrazoles are a new class of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates that are widely used in pesticides, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

Total active ingredient content ≥98.0%, moisture ≤0.5%, appearance: white or yellowish crystal

Packing: bagged, drum

Package weight: 15Kg/25Kg

Corporate culture: Tiangaojian, thick and thick

Management philosophy: make friends and do good deeds, work together for development


Gaorui Chemical Gaorui Chemical Gaorui Chemical
Gaorui Chemical Gaorui Chemical Gaorui Chemical