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The nitrification inhibitory effect of the novel pyrazole compound DL-1 was investigated by indoor culture method with the widely used nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide (DCD) as the reference object.
Pyrazoles play an important role in biomedicine, pesticides, dyes and other fields. This paper reviews the recent advances in the application of pyrazoles.
The n-pyrazoline is a kind of nitrogen-containing five-membered heterocyclic compound, and its chemical structure often has other functional groups such as an aromatic ring and a hetero atom. Due to its extensive and important role in the field of pesticides, it has long been the focus of many people in the industry. As early as the late 19th century, Fischer et al. synthesized a pyrazoline compound from acrolein and phenylhydrazine. After a long period of time, α,β-ketene (aldehyde) compounds were synthesized with terpenoids. Many pyrazoline derivatives. In recent years, with the application of many new technologies and methods to the synthesis of pyrazoline compounds, many new pyrazoline compounds have appeared in pesticides and have produced good results. Herbicide
The pyrazole compounds have a wide range of biological activities, and many pyrazole group-containing compounds have good herbicidal, insecticidal and bactericidal activities, and because of their high efficiency, low toxicity, and the substituents on the pyrazole ring can be multi-directional. Transformation has been widely used in the field of pesticides, and many pyrazole pesticides have been commercialized in succession. Further research and development of pyrazole derivatives, especially the study of some pyrazole and other heterocyclic compounds, has become one of the hot spots in the pesticide industry today. Terpenoids are important intermediates for the synthesis of heterocyclic rings and are also biologically active compounds. Studies have shown that terpenoids can exhibit antiviral, antitumor and bactericidal activities, and can inhibit many physiological and biochemical processes in the body. . When we synthesized pyridine compounds with different substituents and studied the effect of structural changes on the activity, we tried to introduce the pyrazole ring into the sulfhydryl group, and designed and synthesized two new terpenoids containing pyrazolyl. As the synthon, other heterocyclic compounds linked to the pyrazolyl group can be further synthesized, which is a class of compounds of recent interest in the study of pyrazole derivatives.
Pyrazoles are a class of substances with a wide range of biological activities. Our group tested two synthetic routes for the synthesis of acylpyrazoles from hydrazide and acylpyrazoles by acid acylation of the parent pyrazole. A total of 13 new pyrazole compounds were synthesized, all of which passed IR, UV, ~1H NMR. Characterized by means such as EA, the structure was confirmed by single crystal X-Ray diffraction analysis of four compounds. The results show that the acylpyrazole compound obtained by the reaction of the β-diketone and the hydrazide with the parent pyrazole and the acid chloride is an isomer of each other.
Pyrazoles are important nitrogen heterocyclic compounds with wide application, and have a wide range of applications and research value. The main research progress of pyrazoles is reviewed.